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Compare prices on stun guns and Advanced air taser guns

Taser guns:

The air taser, made by Taser International, is the most effective electric stun device you can get. There are four different models, each with it's own options:

  • Air Taser Stun Taser
  • Advanced Air Taser M18 and M18L
  • Advanced Air Taser M26 and M26L (law enforcement only)
  • Advanced Air Taser X26 (new model for law enforcement)


Air Taser Basic Kit

Taser International model #34000: System includes:

  • 7 watt Air Taser
  • 2 air cartridges
  • 30 minute tactical training video
  • 9 volt battery
  • Wrist strap
  • Practice target
  • Owner's manual
  • Storage case

Where to buy the Air Taser Basic Kit:

Link to websitePrice $USDShipping cost


Stun Taser (power handle only)

Taser International model #34100: STUN TASER is the power handle included in the Air Taser Kit without the accessories. You may add cartridges to make it a complete Air Taser. By itself it works like a regular stun gun, simply touch the attacker with the probes. However, taser guns are superior to regular stun guns because they use EMD technology and output higher wattage.

Where to buy the Stun Taser Power Handle:

Link to websitePrice $USDShipping cost


Advanced Air Taser M18

The powerful new taser M-Series weapons use revolutionary Electro-Muscular Disruption (EMD) technology to provide a quantum leap in less-lethal stopping power. The taser M-Series are the only less-lethal weapons that will stop a focused, goal oriented subject from up to 21 feet away.

At 18 watts, the Advanced Air Taser M18 is the most powerful taser stun gun available to the public. Only the Advanced Taser M26 is more powerful, but that model is available to law enforcement only.


  • Power (Watts): 18W

  • Amperage: 133 mA

  • Pulse Energy: 1.76J

  • Cartridges: Model M18 - 2

  • Weight: 18 oz. (510 g)

  • Batteries: 8 AA (not included)

Taser M18 Specification Sheet

Where to buy the Advanced Taser M18:

Link to websitePrice $USDShipping cost


Advanced Taser M18-L

This is just like the M18 air taser but it includes a built-in laser sight for instant target acquisition. Ideal for keeping your taser locked on target without having to stare through the sights the whole time. The laser is a very intimidating compliance tool as well. Flash the laser across the attacker's eyes and then hold the laser dot on his chest while telling him to look down. It's scary when you have a little red dot on you and you know that you could be hit with the taser at any time.

Comes with everything the M18 taser has plus built in laser sight AND four (4) air taser cartridges instead of two.


  • Power (Watts): 18W

  • Amperage: 133 mA

  • Pulse Energy: 1.76J

  • Cartridges: Model M18L - 4

  • Weight: 18 oz. (510 g)

  • Batteries: 8 AA (not included)

Where to buy the Advanced Taser M18-L:

Link to websitePrice $USDShipping cost


Taser M18-L Specification Sheet

Scorpion 200 2-in-1 Pepper Spray Stun Gun

This is a one-of-a-kind stun gun. The Scorpion 200 pepper spray stun gun combines the features of a stun gun with pepper spray! Have the best of both worlds.

The Scorpion 200 could mean the difference in saving your life because it gives you two powerful "non-lethal" defense mechanisms in one. Paralyze them with 200,000 volts or blind them with pepper spray. If you're fortunate enough to spot an attacker from afar you can temporarily blind them with an accurate liquid stream of fire from up to 6 feet away. This is one of the most powerful, effective contact stun guns on the market. It is solid and lightweight with a grip able to comfortably accommodate small or large hands. The Scorpion is made in Eastern Europe and is standard gear for many top police agencies in some of the world's toughest neighborhoods. You, your wife, girlfriend, daughter or anyone you care about should never be alone without this vital self-defense weapon. There's no safer feeling than owning a security device like the Scorpion. Refillable liquid shot cartridges available. Runs on one 9-volt battery.

Where to buy the Scorpion 200 Pepper Spray Stun Gun:

Link to websitePrice $USDShipping cost 99.9512.95 129.9512.95


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