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Buy stun guns and air taser guns online

Buy Air Taser, Advanced Taser, and cartridges:

When a friend asked me to help her find a good deal on a Taser International brand air taser, I scoured the Internet and looked at many different websites. Most of the smaller sites had similar pricing, but I ran into a larger company who had way cheaper prices than anyone else. They must buy huge quantities in bulk to be able to sell these tasers so cheaply.

I love this website. They consistently have the cheapest prices on the 'net and they are such a reputable and widely known company, I have no problem recommending them to my website visitors:

Taser guns made by Taser International

Buy Stun Batons online:

I found a good place to get a Stun Master 500,000 volt stun baton is at Combined Safety. They also have a 300,000 volt model, which is 16 inches long, as compared to the 20 inches of it's 500,000 volt big brother. Both are very good stun batons. Choose the 300KV stun stick if you plan on carrying it around with you or sticking it under the seat in your car. The larger, 20 inch 500KV stun stick is a little unwieldy in these situations, but if you demand the most bang for the buck, this is the stun baton for you.

Buy stun baton: 300,000 and 500,000 volt models

Where to buy the new cell phone stun gun:

Cell phone stun gun? Yep, that's right. If you're looking for the ultimate in concealable stun guns you should definitely investigate the cell phone stun gun (click for info). The best deal online is here:

Buy cell phone stun gun online

Click here for the Stun Supply online catalog


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