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The cell phone stun gun is here!

Operating off of a single 9 volt battery, this portable cell phone stun gun looks like an ordinary cellular telephone to anyone else, however you can feel safe knowing you are carrying a highly effective stun gun in the palm of your hand! The MTD-125 cell phone stun gun comes with several safety features, including a safety on/off switch, protective carrying case with wrist lanyard, belt clip for ease of carry, and even comes equipped with a 130 db alarm. The only thing this cell phone stun gun doesn't do is make calls! Although it looks real enough, the cell phone only works as a stungun.

The MTD-125 made by Motedo is the only brand of cell phone stun gun I could find on the Internet. It is available in different colors and averages less than $90.00 including shipping. I found it here for pretty cheap:

Cell Phone Stun Gun

You should also check out this website, they have some really good high quality police gear, and their prices are cheaper than dirt, literally!

Police batons, slappers, mace, stun guns, and more


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