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Don't gamble your life on a cheap stun gun!

All stun guns are not the same. Make sure you know which technology your stun gun uses. Cheap stun guns use dated technology and often fail.

Cheap stun guns. You get what you pay for.

A lot of people wonder why there is such a large range of prices with stun guns. Mini stun guns can be purchased from several online vendors for less than $18. Care must be taken during your selection of cheap stun gun, because there are two key factors involved in the take down ability of a stun gun:

  • The type of electronic circuit inside the stun gun
  • How long the stun gun remains in contact with the assailant.

"In a 1985 field test of stun guns conducted by the Dallas, TX Police Department, stun guns were found to be ineffective at helping to control suspects 63% of the time. In fact, some officers participating in the study stated that use of the weapons did little more than further incite already violent suspects." (Journal of Law and Order Jun. 1985 vol. 33 num. 6 page 41)

If trained police officers had only a
37% success rate with their stun guns...

How do you know for sure that your stun gun packs enough punch to stop an attacker?

Most cheap stun guns are still using the same old design from the 1970s when stun guns first came out. This design is called static discharge, and it is very simple and cheap to make.

Basically an oscillator circuit rapidly switches DC current (like from a battery) on and off. This switching or pulsing gives the direct current AC-like properties. Alternating Current (AC) is required to "step up" or "step down" over a transformer.

The pulsing DC current steps up over a transformer which multiplies the voltage by many hundred or thousand times. The current is then filtered and used to charge one or more capacitors. When the trigger of the stun gun is pulled, the capacitors discharge, creating the arcing current typical of electric stun guns.

If you are serious about buying a stun gun to protect yourself, don't try to skimp and buy the cheapest one you can find. Pay the few extra dollars for a quality product that is modern, well-made, and won't let you down when you need it most.

All of the stun guns, stun batons, air tasers, and other devices featured on this website are of a high caliber. Personal stun devices are meant to protect and save lives, and I take my recommendations seriously. In fact, if you ever have a disappointing experience with any of the products I've reviewed on this website, please email us. We want to stand behind our words.


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