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Stun batons are a great improvement upon the original stun gun form factor.

By combining extended reach with extra long contact strips, the stun baton is more effective and safe for the user.

When I first bought one of these, I showed it to about fifteen of my friends. Every one of them jumped back about a foot when I discharged the baton in front of them. When you pull the trigger, blue sparks shoot between the tips of the baton, and it emits a very loud, intimidating crackling noise. If you ever have to use this baton in a confrontation, I almost guarantee that the would-be assailant will turn and run when they see and hear the 500,000 volts of power in your hand.

As I talked about earlier, stun batons come equipped with special contact strips which extend six inches from the tip of the baton. These strips become electrified when the baton is discharged, and prevent an assailant from snatching it out of your hand. The baton also comes installed with a wrist strap, to ensure that your baton stays with you. I found this was a useful tactical feature and made me feel more confident in using the baton.

The stun baton I bought ran off of two 9-volt batteries. I bought Duracells because I figured it wasn't worth risking my life on cheap batteries. I haven't tried rechargeable batteries yet, but I imagine they would work fine as long as you kept an eye on the charge.

What is a stun stick? Is a stun stick baton the same as a stun baton?

Yes. Stun stick is a synonym for stun baton. It's kind of funny, when I think of the words "stun stick", I picture like a branch off a tree or something. Most stun gun batons are simply called "stun batons" but if you see a "stun stick" advertised you'll now know what they're talking about.

Where to buy a good stun baton

I found a good place to get a Stun Master 500,000 volt stun baton is at Combined Safety. They also have a 300,000 volt model, which is 16 inches long, as compared to the 20 inches of it's 500,000 volt big brother. Both are very good stun batons. Choose the 300KV stun stick if you plan on carrying it around with you or sticking it under the seat in your car. The larger, 20 inch 500KV stun stick is a little unwieldy in these situations, but if you demand the most bang for the buck, this is the stun baton for you.

Buy stun baton: 300,000 and 500,000 volt models


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