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New 80,000 volt stun jacket

A fashionable jacket that delivers an 80,000-volt shock to anybody who tries to attack its wearer is the latest in personal protection.

The "no contact" jacket - designed to protect women from assault, robbery and rape - is based on the same technology as stun guns and is being tested in America.

It was developed by Adam Whiton, 30, a research scientist at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and designed by his girlfriend, Yolita Nugent, 29, a fashion designer.

Mr Whiton said: "It delivers a big surprise. It is like putting your fingers in an electrical socket."

The jacket, made from micro-fibre and weatherproof nylon on the outside, hides a lining of insulated rubber which protects the wearer from the charge.

It costs about $900 (550) although that price may drop if the couple secure a planned deal with a manufacturer and distributor for mass production.

Development of the jacket has so far been sponsored by the chemical company Dupont, which made a special fibre - Aracon - that carries the charge to the attacker.

When the jacket is "fired", arcs of electricity can be seen shooting out of the fabric. The shock is triggered by a switch hidden in the right sleeve which connects to a cable that fits into the palm of the wearer's hand.

The wearer must arm the jacket by turning a small key in a tiny lock just visible on the left sleeve. Once the jacket is armed, a squeeze on the trigger will deliver a 30-second shock of 80,000 volts. A single nine volt battery provides enough power for at least 20 shocks. Ms Nugent said: "It's like armour but we have designed it so that you can wear it just like any jacket. If you are in an area where you feel nervous...[Full Story here: stun gun jacket]


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