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Stun guns in the news

The latest news reports involving stun guns and air taser guns gathered from around the world.

13 year old charged with stun gun possession

NORWOOD -- A 13-year-old Norwood boy was arrested on charges of weapons possession and threatening to commit a crime after police discovered a stun gun and pepper spray in his family's apartment at Norwood Gardens.

The boy allegedly threatened to use his stun gun on a 14-year-old boy he was arguing with at the Norwood Gardens pool off Hampden Drive on Saturday about 6 p.m.

Police were notified of the alleged threat, and when they searched the apartment where the boy lives with his mother, they found a stun gun and pepper spray.

Norwood Police spokesman Paul Bishop said he wasn't sure whether the weapons were found in the boy's room or elsewhere in the apartment.

Possession of a stun gun is illegal in Massachusetts. Pepper spray may only be purchased with... [Full story here: teen stun gun arrest]

Four teens use stun guns against homeless

CLEVELAND -- One suspect has been charged after a group of teens on a rampage with a stun gun allegedly attacked homeless people with more than 200,000 volts of electricity, according to officials.

NewsChannel5's Tony Gaskins reported that a 19-year-old suspect is facing six counts of misdemeanor assault. He is one of four Youngstown teens arrested for harassing at least six homeless men as they slept Saturday night. The other three suspects are juveniles.

The suspects allegedly zapped the victims with the stun gun, then proceeded to urinate and defecate on them. They captured the attacks on videotape.

Homeless advocates believe the charges are too light and send the wrong message. They have written County Prosecutor William Mason, demanding a more severe penalty along the lines of attempted murder for the severe way the teens allegedly attacked... [Full story here: homeless stun gun attack]

British police fire taser for the first time

LONDON (Reuters) - British police have fired an electric stun gun at a suspect for the first time, hitting a man brandishing two handguns, Scotland Yard said on Monday. Officers first shot a plastic bullet at the 30-year-old and then delivered a 50,000 volt shock with the stun gun, or Taser.

Police in five forces in England and Wales have been trying out the weapon -- which fires two needle-tipped darts before delivering a shock -- since April 2003.

"A firearms officer discharged a baton round which hit him in the abdomen and he fell to the ground," Scotland Yard said.

"He tried to get up again and police decided to use a Taser to disable him."

The man, who has not been named, called police to Isleworth in west London on Sunday, saying he had gunshot wounds. Officers said he refused first aid and would not drop the two handguns he was carrying.

Police fired a single baton round and the Taser. The man was arrested and taken to hospital where his condition was described...
[Full story here: british police fire taser]

Man pleads guilty to stun gun assault on teacher

Stun gun assault

When the woman was cornered against the wall, Lore told her nothing was wrong with the washer. He pulled a stun gun and shocked her abdomen, leg and arm as she fell on the floor.

At a previous hearing, the victim said Lore spoke as he shocked her, repeating several times: ``I'm dominant. I'm in control.''

The victim said she scratched and fought...
[Full story here: teacher stun gun assault]

U.S. Says Stun Guns Viable for Airline Security

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The Bush administration has concluded that stun guns, which inflict a disabling electric shock, can be used for security by crew members on commercial planes, a homeland security official said on Monday.

After months of weighing the safety and effectiveness of the guns, the Transportation Security Administration said in a report to Congress that they were an acceptable non-lethal option to deal with hijackers.

Details of the report are classified but a spokesman for the TSA, Robert Johnson, provided an overview of its findings.

"We think they are viable but only viable if done right," he said.

Johnson stressed the agency, which already permits commercial pilots to carry firearms after completing a federal training course, had not yet approved any carriers to arm their crews with stun guns.

Two airlines, United Airlines and...[Full story here: airline stun guns]


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