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Stun gun legality in the UK

Currently stun guns are illegal in the UK. Stunguns and taser guns have been illegal in the United Kingdom since 1997.

Recently, several police departments throughout the UK have started experimenting with the M26 Advanced Air Taser.

The following are news articles about stun guns in the UK:

Metropolitan Police intend to deploy illegal stun taser gun

The "taser" stun gun that the Metropolitan police intend to deploy in London was banned for export from Britain by three government departments on the grounds that it can easily be used for torture, it emerged yesterday. Though the weapon is not manufactured in Britain, the decision to outlaw its sale abroad by the Department of Trade and Industry, the Foreign Office and the Ministry of Defence shows there are significant concerns in Whitehall about the use of electro-shock weapons. The taser was banned for export in July 1997 along with all electro-shock...[Full story here: stun guns in the UK]

London Police use M26 Advanced Taser

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz., Aug. 4 - TASER International, Inc. (Nasdaq: TASR, TASRW), a market leader in advanced less-lethal weapons, confirmed today that the London Metropolitan Police used the Advanced Taser M26 against a subject brandishing two handguns.

An unnamed assailant called police to Isleworth, a suburb in west London on Sunday, saying he had gunshot wounds. Police officers said the assailant refused first aid and would not drop the two handguns he was carrying. After a 45 minute negotiation the police deployed a plastic baton round to try to disable the armed assailant. Finally an ADVANCED TASER M26 was fired which successfully and safely subdued the suspect. The man was arrested and taken to the hospital where his condition was described as stable and not life-threatening.

Police in Wales were the first to fire an ADVANCED TASER M26 in June 2003, against a dog, which was also successful in disabling the animal. The Isleworth incident... [Full story here: london police use M26 taser]


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