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Telescopic steel batons (ASP batons)

These are very cool! They are made out of solid steel, come in black, and collapse into its handle when not in use. To deploy the baton, you simply flick your wrist out while holding the baton handle. The baton will extend and lock into place. It is similar to a portable radio's antenna when you pull it out to make it longer.

Most telescopic steel batons come in three sizes:

  • 16 inches
  • 21 inches
  • 26 inches

The smaller batons are useful for close quarters combat, but the 26 inch baton is the length used by police, since it gives them a distance advantage.

When the baton is ready to be put away, simply rap the end of the baton against a hard piece of ground, preferably over a sidewalk or street. It takes a little bit of force to get the baton to go back into the handle. This is to make sure that the telescopic steel baton does not collapse on you when you are fighting with it!

Never use a telescopic steel baton or expandable ASP baton against a person if you haven't had training! This is serious! Police officers have been trained in proper "strike zones" which will bring a suspect down without causing injury. There are certain spots on a persons body which must NEVER be struck with a telescopic steel baton because it could cause grave injury or death. Expandable steel baton training is available to Police Officers, and civilians too if they're willing to pay the costs.

I found a good place to get expandable steel batons REALLY CHEAP. These are not name brand ASP batons but they are solid steel and function identically to the police version. Check it out:

Telescopic Steel Batons


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